In the current business environment, businesses welcome any kind of cost reduction that does not reduce revenue or service levels. The trucking and shipping sectors are experiencing significant economic challenges. Many companies are operating on razor thin margins. The market nationally and globally is seeking a technology that will enable them to expand their profit margins and compete more effectively. Trucking companies and truck dealers that are acquainted with FuelFactor™ have all expressed a high level of interest in FuelFactor™ products.


One of the most significant attributes to the FuelFactor™ technology is that because the fuel is burning more efficiently the emissions are significantly reduced. Testing to date has shown emission reductions of up to 90%. Not only is this a great benefit to the challenge of reducing global emissions but will allow manufacturers and operators to comply with the increasingly strict environmental rules and regulations.


The cost of fuel is usually the greatest operating expense to a trucking or shipping company. In attempts to address this problem, over the past fifty years there have been countless products related to fuel additives or devices for carburetors that have been brought to the marketplace. To our knowledge, only the FuelFactor™ technology has shown any measurable difference in regard to fuel economy. FuelFactor™ employs a device, called an Activator, attached to the engine’s fuel tank. Through its proprietary technology, the Activator stimulates the fuel in the fuel tank. This stimulation results in a more efficient fuel which burns cleaner. Typically the fuel savings range from 12% to 20%. These amounts of savings, for many companies, will more than double their entire company profit.

FuelFactor’s technology has been through rigorous validation testing. Over 100 tests were performed in Europe and the United States over the past six years. These studies have shown that the FuelFactor™ devices create substantially greater fuel efficiency in automobiles, trucks, heavy equipment, ships and large gen-sets.